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For the Brave

My tossing and turning last night was unprecedented. After reading Joanna Penn’s book Business for Authors¬†on my Kindle–in the dark, where my mind was free to conjure up possibilities–I had to get out of bed and put her tried and true pointers to work. I took my journal into my closet, sat on the floor, and made a plan for THE NEWEST NOVEL website.

Joanna’s book, while it certainly stirred up ideas of what I should be doing for my own writing career, mostly made me admire those writers who are doing exactly what she said to do: write, market, sell.

Being an author is hard work. Those who chose this profession are often surprised at how much non-writing must be done. There is so much more to writing a book than crafting interesting characters, outlining a plot with twists and surprises, or fretting over the perfect word to use. The hardest part comes when an author submits his or her work for consideration.

In come the critiques, the mediocre reviews, the red and bleeding manuscripts. The rejections. The sleepless nights. The nerve-wracking insecurity that shouts, “Is my work good enough to be out there?” Why would anyone put themselves through this? Writing hurts!

There needed to be a place to honor those who submit to the harsh edits, swallow the snarky one-star reviews, and patch up their cut-to-pieces manuscripts.

THE NEWEST NOVEL is for the brave, the dedicated, the brand-new authors who are sharing their genius for the world to enjoy.

This website is dedicated to you, because we love you!